How to give your walls the stylish touch

I have frequently found while designing a space, one of the focal challenges is in deciding on the wall finish or I would rather say the wall art story. With years of experience in interior designing I would say wall paper with artistic renditions or wall art on a focal wall would be the ideal choice to make a personality statement. Today I will talk about some exciting options of fusing indigenous art with a modern blend to make its way into your space. 

# Decal Wall Art
# Customized Wall Paper
# Wall Art Stories

# Decal Wall Art
wall decal, also known as a wall stickerwall tattoo, or wall vinyl, is a vinyl sticker that is affixed to a wall or other smooth surface for decoration and informational purposes. Wall decals are cut with vinyl cutting machines. Most decals use only one color, but some may have various images printed upon them. The trick is to identify an art work that will make your wall stand apart. Fusing traditional art work, like may be Gond as shown in the picture, with a contemporary flavour, could definitely be the show stopper of your design story. 

# Customized Wall Paper
Wall papers are a great idea to grab attention on the focal wall. Recently I discovered these amazing set of wall papers, customized by Kalakaarihaath ( that has a story embedded in each design. I am sure this is a design narrative I would want to use in my next site to give it a touch of the exclusive. It can be dynamically used in residential as well as commercial spaces.

# Wall Art Stories
It can be a great idea to create wall art based on a theme. It could be one artwork flaunting a theme or the option where the theme can be divided into multiple artworks and unified together so that cohesively they tell a common story. I am sharing some stories on the unique theme of yoga and spirituality with you to tickle your imagination to trigger some distinctive design themes.

I have always been lucky browsing the net in search for new artistic talents.  Kalakaarihaath, founded by the young architect, Sahiba Madan, to integrate traditional building crafts into modern decor was one such find. In my second feature on the traditional art with a contemporary twist I can confidently say that a chapter in design trends is nosing in to reconfigure the role of arts and crafts with modern living where it spreads its reach to home decor, stationary and al other design forms.

You could write to us at if you need any further help in finding design inspirations for your space

Thank you  Kalakaarihaath for sharing your lovely images with us. 

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  1. An excellent resource for the wall decor enthusiasts which is a major challenge while deciding the interior philosophy. The options are quite strikingly meaningful including the Decal Wall Art, Customized Wall Paper and Wall Art Series. I believe that by adopting any of the three routes recommended here, the theme of the interior decor can be an experimental one that's far different from the mundane. The fusion of traditional art with contemporary design trends may well stand apart to create that elusive exclusivity of a signature statement. The creative contribution of Kalakaarihaath founded by a young architect Sahiba Madan in the context of customized wall papers with stories embedded therein is praiseworthy indeed. The pictorial richness is highly appreciated too. But the cost aspect has not been mentioned which is the most important element in the process of decision making.